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Colour Consulting
Colour Consulting Service
Whether you are looking to modernise your home or have a full interior and exterior makeover, we can assist you with our services of residential painting in Perth. We comprehend the fact that choosing colours that is suitable for your home is of great importance and we have years of experience finding colours to suit not only the architectural design, but also your family and your furnishings. We work with you to understand your ideas, inspirations and expectations, and then help you develop a colour scheme for your home and your family.

Our colour consultant Rachel Dopper will come to your home with colour samples, discuss your requirements, and help you to make your colour selection a breeze. We are able to provide assistance with:

  • Proper paint selection and usage
  • Interior and exterior colour schemes (whether you have a good idea or no idea at all)
  • Incorporating new colour schemes with existing furnishings and other fixtures
  • Advice on placement of furniture to best suit your new colour scheme
  • Advice on accessories for your home to best suit your new colour scheme
  • Advice on lighting and light fixtures
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Choosing your interior paint finishes

In any kind of residential painting in Perth, after choosing your interior paint palettes, the next step is to choose your preferred interior paint finishes- also known as paint sheen. This is an important job but can be confusing if you are inexperienced. Below, we have listed the most common paint finishes and some recommendations on how to best utilise them.

A flat finish: A flat finish is a low sheen finish, making it the least shiny of the listed finishes. It is best for ceilings and low traffic areas within the house. Flat finishes are effective at hiding imperfections (such as dings and dents) on the walls and are easy to touch up. Low sheen finishes, such as a flat finish, can also be better for darker paint colours, as they are less reflective. However, flat finishes are generally not washable and so do not tend to clean well- often this is the case even if the manufacturer states otherwise. For this reason, we don’t recommend using them in kitchens, bathrooms or other high-traffic areas of the house.
An eggshell finish: It has slightly more sheen than a flat finish but is still relatively unreflective and can also be difficult to clean. It is recommended for low to medium traffic areas of the house but again it is probably better to avoid using an eggshell finish in the kitchen, bathrooms or playrooms.
Satin finishes: Satin finishes are relatively versatile finishes, as they appropriate for a range of materials and surfaces including wood, metal, plaster and concrete; for doors, hallways, skirting boards, dining rooms and bedrooms. This type of finish is pearl-like in appearance and can be easier to clean than flat and eggshell finishes, meaning it can be used in higher traffic areas of the house.
A semi-gloss finish: Finishes that has a slight shine to it but is not as shiny as a high gloss finish. It is easy to clean and so can be employed in highly utilised areas of the house, such as the kitchen and bathroom walls.
High Gloss Finishes: High gloss finishes are high shine; reflective finishes meaning that imperfections in the walls or surface be easily noticeable. It is also difficult to patch up. High gloss finishes are easy to clean and scrub, so they are particularly appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces exposed to higher levels of dirt and moisture. It may also be helpful to know that high sheen finishes, such as high gloss finishes, can often be more expensive than lower sheen finishes.
Overall Information
  • Premier Painting Group has been providing high quality services to clients of Perth city and surrounding suburbs for many years.
  • Our services include both residential and commercial situations.
  • We undertake all aspects of interior and exterior painting and decorating using the highest quality materials to ensure the highest quality finish.
  • Free quotations, experienced advice and guidance are given to each of our customers.
  • We are fully insured with public liability
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  • Painting your property not only adds to its visual appeal, it can also enhance the durability