Medical Facilities


Hospitals, surgeries, and doctors’ offices are busy places that require sensitivity and minimal disruption. Medical personnel have very important work to do and patients need a supportive environment. The average paint company may not have the insight, understanding, or compassion necessary to complete a medical facility painting service with care. We do – and we promise to make the painting process as fuss-free as possible.

The power of fresh paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of change and colour has the power to dictate mood and atmosphere. Medical facilities and centres can enjoy a number of benefits that come with interior and exterior commercial painting. Freshly painted walls can increase the morale of practitioners and patients. Calming or uplifting colours can boost their mood. We can mend cracks in dry wall, fix peeling paint, and more to improve the overall appearance of your medical facility.

Why the Premier Painting Group stands out

There are a few key concerns that are unique to medical facility painting services.
Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals have urgent work to do and require minimal disruption.

Patients, friends, and families require support, sensitivity, and importantly, security.
The medical centre is a highly professional environment so anything less than perfect (poor paint work, mess, incorrect colour scheme) is unacceptable.

At the Premier Painting Group, we take these important factors on board and deliver a service that not only fits in with the operation of the medical facility, but also considers your staff and patients. Finally, we are committed to paintwork of the highest standard and we promise to finish on time.

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